ber3Goji Berries, or Wolfberry as it is called in China, is native to Tibet in the Himalayas and in China. For years this magical berry has been used to increase health and achieve longevity. It has been claimed to: improve liver function, strenthen eyesight, improve sexual function and fertility, boost immune function, and improve circulation as well as increasing the alkalinity of the blood.

Goji Berries are very high in antioxidants. If you take a cup of blueberries, it will have an ORAC value of about 250. Anti-oxidants are measured in terms of their ORAC values and they are important to consume about 5000 ORAC units a day in order to keep our bodies clean from the toxins that accumulate in our systems. Unfortunately, most people do not eat nearly enough vegetables and fruit to achieve this. For example, to get the daily ORAC dose from apples, one would need to eat about 22 apples. However, eating just 20 grams of goji berries will give the proper amounts of anti-oxidants.

Goji Berries Research

A Chinese study was reported in the Chinese Journal of Oncology in 1994 in which 79 people who were beinggoji berries treated for cancer responded better to their treatment when goji was added to their program. Another study was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine funded by FreeLife International. They took 35 healthy adults and split them up giving some the actual goji juice, and others were given a placebo. After two weeks of consuming the juice, they were asked to rate their experience. The results were as follows: Improved Sleep-80% Increased feelings of happiness-50-60% Increased athletic performance-50% increased energy-50%. Participants in the placebo group reported a significant increase in feelings of happiness and a significant change in heartburn frequency.

One study showed the effects of goji berry extract on diabetic rabbits. Researchers found an increase in HDL (the good cholesterol) and a reduction in the rabbits’ glucose level. Another study done in 2006, at the School of Food Science and Technology at the XingJiang Agriculture University tested the anti-oxidant activity of goji on mice and showed that there was an increase in immune function and anti-oxidant enzymes. The polysaccharides were found to neutralize free radicals.berThere are many ways to get Goji berries. You can go online and you can get them in specialty stores as well. However one thing is always important when you are buying any health product that is plant-based and that is-buy organic!…

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